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What is a RediQuest?


A RediQuest is an online course that provides its users with questions, information, media and tools for collaboration. Through a RediQuest you learn to solve BIG Issues and do so by working with others.

 Which Habit Should You Use?

New - Habit Cards - Download and print a set of cards for use in the classroom. Habit Cards make it easy to identify the habits you are using, find new patterns and talk about your use of the habits. Download Here
 Striving for Accuracy  Communicating with Clarity  Creating and Innovating  Thinking Flexibly
Finding Humour  Managing Impulsivity  Thinking Interdependently  Listening with Empathy
Thinking about your Thinking  Remaining open to Learning  Applying Past Knowledge Persistence
Questioning  Taking Responsible Risks  Using all your senses  Responding with Wonderment