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What is a RediQuest?


A RediQuest is an online course that provides its users with questions, information, media and tools for collaboration. Through a RediQuest you learn to solve BIG Issues and do so by working with others.

Finding Humour

What does it mean?

Looking for the funny side of things. Allowing your thoughts to whimsical and light-hearted. Delighting now and again in nonsense.

Why does it matter?

 The world is a very serious place, every now and then you need to stop and laugh. Whimsy, nonsense, humour are important for a healthy mind and your physical well-being.

When should you use it?

Knowing when to be humorous and when to be serious can be a challenge in itself, but when the moment is right you just have to laugh. 

An example:

5 Top Strategies: 

  1. Laugh at yourself
  2. Look for the humorous side of things, don't always aim for the serious side of life
  3. Read books and stories that make you laugh, tell and read jokes
  4. Include a little nonsense in your problem solving
  5. Remind yourself that laughing will help you live longer

5 Questions to ask about your thinking: 

  1. Is this the time and place to be funny?
  2. Why is everyone soooo serious?
  3. Are people laughing with you or at you? Does it matter? Learn to read cues from people around you, now might not be the time or place for humour.
  4. Who is this funny for?
  5. Is what just happened to you truly embarrassing or a chance for a good laugh?
Thinking Routines adapted from Harvard's 'Visible Thinking Resource Book'